[05-20] Developing Game-Changing Embedded Intelligence

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Title: Developing Game-Changing Embedded Intelligence 

Speaker: Jim Tung, the fellow of MathWorks 

Venue: Seminar Room (Room 334), Building 5, Institute of Software, CAS 

Time: 10:00, May 20th, Monday, 2019 



  The buzz about AI, or artificial intelligence, is deafening. Predictions abound that it will power a massive shift in the roles that computers play in our personal and professional lives: implementing automated driving functionality, predicting maintenance of industrial equipment, delivering intelligent home health care systems and robots, and more. But, to get there, teams that combine specialized knowledge, domain expertise, and business objectives must navigate through numerous choices algorithms, processors, resource location, architectural allocation, communications, and more. While doing so, they must keep their eye on the application that will create the game-changing value for their organization. In this keynote, Jim Tung looks at the promising opportunities and practical challenges of building AI into our systems and services.. 



  Jim is a MathWorks Fellow, focusing on business and technology strategy and working with key customers and partners. Jim has more than 35 years of experience in the technical computing software markets, including 30 years at MathWorks, where he previously held the positions of vice president of marketing and vice president of business development. Earlier in his career, Jim held marketing and sales management positions at Lotus Development and Keithley DAS, a pioneering manufacturer of PC-based data acquisition systems.  

  Jim Tung, MathWorks 首席戰略師,專注于業務和技術的發展戰略與分析,以及拓展與核心客戶和合作伙伴的戰略關系。Jim在科學計算軟件市場擁有超過35年的經驗,包括在MathWorks公司工作的30年,他曾經擔任市場營銷副總裁和業務拓展的副總裁。在他早期的職業生涯中,他在Lotus Development Keithley DAS公司(一家基于PC的數據采集系統的領先制造商)從事市場和銷售管理方面的工作。